Radtke's Crew

Back row (L to R): Charles "Red" Reynolds (B), Richard Radtke (P), H. C. Krasemann (CP), Pete Sealfliesch Seilfleisch?) (N). Front row (L to R): Frederick M. Biggs (WG), Gus T. Hodge, Jr. (TG), Charles R. Wilson (FE), Joseph K. Heap (BG), William P. Hackert (RO), Charles A. Warren (WG) (?). (submitted by Frank Hackert via Chuck Wilson)

On one mission the crew had lost its right inboard engine and was forced to make an emergency landing at a captured airbase at Laon, FR.

LT Radtke flew about 20 missions before being relieved of duty for medical reasons. LT Krasemann would become a lead pilot with another crew. The others became replacements for other crews.


Name Rank Position First Mission Last Mission Status
Richard Radtke LT Pilot 08/02/44 08/27/44 Transferred, 8 missions.
Howard C. Krasemann LT Copilot 08/04/44 01/20/45  
Pete Sealfliesch LT Navigator 08/04/44 01/01/45  
Charles Reynolds LT Bombardier 08/04/44 ?  
Charles R. Wilson SGT Flight Engineer 08/04/44 02/03/45 ? Completed tour.
William P. Hackert CPL Radio Operator 08/02/44 01/10/45  
Charles A. Warren PVT Waist 08/04/44 11/02/44  
Frederick M. Biggs CPL Waist     Unknown
Joseph K. Heap PVT Ball 09/19/44 02/19/45  
Gus T. Hodge, Jr. PVT Tail 08/04/44 01/28/45  
053 08/04/44   PA 43-37820 B17G
056 08/07/44 Lil' Butch/Rodney Rocks NP 43-38142 B17G
063 08/16/44   PM 43-37952 B17G
065 08/24/44   TC 43-37910 B17G
066 08/25/44 Mr. Completely TA 43-39902 B17G
068 08/27/44   TB 43-37835 B17G

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