Defendents in the Borkum Island Case

  1. Kurt Goebell, Kapitšn: Ranking officer, and commander of the Borkum Island Sector, which included the 216th Naval FLAK Battalion. -- Guilty/Life
  2. Walter Krolikovski, Kapitšn: Commander of the 216th Naval FLAK Battalion. -- Guilty/Life
  3. Erich Wentzel, Leutnant: Adjutant of the 216th Naval FLAK Battalion. -- Guilty/Death
  4. Karl Weber, Leutnant: Commander of the 216th Medium  FLAK Battery. -- Guilty/25 years
  5. Jakob Valentine Seiler, Leuntnant: Chief of the Ostland FLAK Battery, a unit of the 216th Naval Flak Battalion. -- Guilty/Life
  6. Johann Joseph Schmitz, Feldwebel: The ranking NCO, and head of the POW guard detail. -- Guilty/Death
  7. Johann Pointer, Gefreiter: Guard. -- Guilty/5 years.
  8. Guenther Albrecht, Gefreiter: Guard. -- Guilty/6 years.
  9. Karl Geyer, Gefreiter: Guard. -- Guilty/4 years
  10. Heinz Witzke, Gefreiter: Guard. -- Guilty/11 years.
  11. Jan J. Akkermann: Mayor, and regional leader of the local NAZI party. -- Guilty/Death
  12. Karl Meyer Gerhards: Air Raid Policeman. Acquitted.
  13. Heinrich Rommel: Chief of Police. -- Guilty/21 years.
  14. Gustav Mammenga: Air Raid Policemen. -- Guilty/18 years.
  15. Heinrich Heinemann: Civilian. -- Unknown.
  16. August Haesiker: Leader of the Reich Labor Corps. -- Guilty/10 years.


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