Our sister group, the 487th, loses a fort, 43-37877, on a mission to Merseburg, Germany, on 30 November, 1944. On board were

Lloyd W. Kersten, 1/LT, Pilot; Henry E. Gerland, 1/LT, Copilot; James W. Hyland Jr., 1/LT, Navigator; Warren H. Ritchhart, 1/LT, Bombardier; Arnold R. Shegal, T/SGT, Engineer; John D. Eberhart, T/SGT, Radio operator; Everett S. Morrison, S/SGT, Ball gunner; Joseph M. Miller, S/SGT, Waist gunner, and Maurice J. Sullivan, S/SGT, Tail gunner. LTs Ritchart and Hyland survived and were taken POW. The others were killed.

Photograph from National Archives and crew information courtesy of Paul Webber.

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