B-24H-16 CF 41-29486.

#486 was flown to England by the CO himself, Col. Overing, when the Group was assigned to the 8th AF, 3rd AD. It had call letter A in 834th BS (code: 2S), the Zodiac squadron (but it does not appear to have had any of Phil Brinkman's artwork). It was just known as "Old 486". It served as the CO's transport, but it also got a few licks in on Jerry. The O & W history book notes that a 128mm flak round went through the main spar sometime in early June. The aircraft was reported to have been salvaged as a result but clearly that is definitely not the case. [webmaster: as evidenced by mission flimsies and its operational use in other bomb groups]

"Old 486" flew missions out of Sudbury from 22 Jun through 19 Jul 44 as a PFF aircraft equipped with Gee-H, including two on which it led 493rd BG. When 486th BG converted to the B-17, it was transferred to 34th BG at Mendlesham. There it was "Z" in 18th BS until that Group, in turn, converted to the B-17. 

It went to 2 BAD at Warton, or 1 BAD at Burtonwood, to be modified for night leaflet operations (including receiving its coat of black gloss anti-searchlight synthetic enamel) before being assigned to 406th NLS at Cheddington. It was one of eight B-24s despatched by 406th Sq. on a night leaflet operation on 30 Dec 44 under 8th AF Field Order #777. It crashed at Cheddington (possibly on return) and was salvaged on 3 Jan 45 beyond economical repair.

Information researched by Tom Brittan, UK. Photo courtesy of Gordon Permann.

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