On the morning of 20 May 1944, 42-52726, piloted by 2nd LT Norman Sturgeon, was making an instrument take-off on runway 07. Crashing approximately one (1) mile off the end, and to the left of, the take-off runway. Seven (7) members of the crew were killed and the airplane totally destroyed. There were no witnesses to the crash due to the restricted visbility, but it has been definitely established that the aircraft became airborne and that it was in a crab to the left at the time of take-off. The plane was taking off on an operational mission with a full load of 12x500lb bombs. Failing to get enough altitude to clear the obstacles off the end of the runway the aircraft went through a row of tree tops. A moment later the plane flew into the ground, exploding and burning on impact. (NARA via Roland Andrews).

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