On 17 May 44, 42-52634, piloted by LT Adolph F. Fellmeth, was up on a local cross country flight. Coming in for landing, the wind was blowing in such a direction as to necessitate using a shorter runway than the pilot had been accustomed to. He used runway 01, which was 4,200 ft long. The visibility at the time was 1.5 to 2 miles with wet runway and slight precipitation. The wind was 030 at 5 MPH. The plane (flown by the copilot, 2nd LT Frank McCreary) landed about 500 to 600 ft from the touchdown end of the runway. The aircraft went off the end of the runway, severely damaging the landing geargave way as they struck a ditch and a row of small tree stumps located some 100 ft from the end of the runway. There were no inuries to the six crewmen.

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