In 1945 the Germans launch their last ditch effort to halt the Allied forces encroaching on the Fatherland. On January 1, 1945 they launch Operation Bodenplatte (Base plate) to strike allied airbases on continental Europe. It was a disasterous effort for the Luftwaffe, and the Americans would strike deep into Germany by first crossing the bridge at Remagen (a bridge too far).

Roosevelt was re-elected president, but his VP, Harry Wallace, was replaced by Harry S Truman. Unfortunately, President Roosevelt would never see the peace he led the nation towards; he dies in April from a stroke at the age of 63. In May Germany surrenders as the Russians enter Berlin. But Japan would linger until August when the Nuclear Age would dawn over the cities of Negasaki and Hiroshima. The atomic bomb was first  tested succesfully a month earlier in New Mexico. Jackie Robinson becomes the first black american to play for the major leagues. Gas rationing ends along with the 35 MPH speed limits.

American buying power increases when there average yearly income increases to $2,390. However, their homes and cars also go up to $4,625 and $1025 respectively. Bread is more affordable at $0.09 and gas holds steady at $0.62. Gold and Silver are still $35/ounce and $0.71/ounce. The Dow Jones soars to 169.

Streptomycin joins the medical arsenal against infection. Tupperware debuts as do frozen dinners.

Do you remember "You'll Never Walk Alone," or "Autumn Seranade?"

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