486th Bombardment Group (H)
Office of the Intelligence Officer

3 October 1944


   The following is a list of combat claims which were submitted at the interrogation following the mission of 12 September 1944, and the evaluation placed on them by the Combat Claims Board, 3rd Bomb Division.




A/C No.

Gun Pos.




No Claim

S/SGT E. L. Grant 833 194 BT X
S/SGT C. L. Ketter 833 856 RW X
S/SGT W. C. Lambert 833 856 BT 1/2
S/SGT J. C. Tarwater 833 031 TG X

   S/SGT Wm. R. Allen, 833rd Squadron, RW gunner on A/C 136, submitted a claim for one enemy aircraft destroyed. This claim has been evaluated as destroyed by the Group Combat Report Evaluation Board. Confirmation by 3rd Bomb Division is pending.

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