The Return

Beryl Miles


Twenty-one went out this morning
And the sun was in my eyes
As I watched them circle around
Before they vanished in the skies.

Twenty-one went out this morning
And the sunlight caught their wings
As they crossed the little thicket
Where a blackbird always sings.

Like birds into the morning
They flew I know not where
But small and secret in my heart
All day I've held a prayer.

Twenty-one went out this morning
Riding splendid thru the sky
But still there is no sign of them
Though soon the day will die.

Then suddenly, thru time and space
There's sunlight on a wing
And above the beating of my heart
I hear an engine sing.

The sun still goes on shining
But my world grows dark with fear
For twenty-one went out this morning
but only seventeen are here.

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