AN EIGHTH AAF BOMBER STATION, England-German oil, intended to feed the demanding military machine, burns fiercely, as a B-24 Liberator circles back after a highly successful bombing run. From the group commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Glendon P. Overing, Orange, Mass., and is participating in the attack with the Eighth AAF. Pilot of "Lib" pictured at the recent attack on the refineries at Lutzkendorf, Germany was Second Lieutenant Frank E. Farrell, Jr., of East Orange, New Jersey.
     All of the crew members returned from the successful assault without injury, and in high spirits. Lt. Farrell, is the son of Mr. And Mrs. Frank M. Farrell, Sr., of 42 Morton Place, East Orange, New Jersey. Prior to entering the AAF in October, 1942, he attended Clarkson College of Technology at Potsdam, N. Y. He is holder of the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement" while participating in bombing assaults on targets in Germany and NAZI occupied countries. He received his wings at George Field, Illinois in August, 1943.
The above photo is not of Frank's aircraft, which is actually just off the top of the photo.
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