There are several high quality flight simulators available for your PC in today's market. Some are stand alone games, while others were created specifically for multiplayer environments. The screen shot at left is from the Hasbro game "B17 Flying Fortress." ( This is an excellent flight sim for those who really want a taste for what it was like to fly and fight in a B17 during WWII. This game is as much a "roll playing game," as it is a flight sim. You can either go along for the ride, or actively take part in flying the mission. You can perform functions of any position on the fort, from bombardier to tail gunner. Practice your pilotage skills as the navigator, or shoot down attacking bandits. Missions will last several hours, or you can use the time functions to advance through the slower parts of the mission. Be prepared to experience the frustration and difficulty of executing a strategic bombing campaign.

The graphics in this game are great, but do demand a PC with lots of muscle. [More]

Other games, such as HiTech Creations' "Aces High" are designed to be run online. Players choose a country, and may create squadrons, capture enemy bases and defend their own territory. Aircraft are nicely modeled. Fly aircraft from Britain, US, Germany, Italy and Japan. Bombers can be crewed by several players. After you've survived your mission, your next challenge is to land your aircraft at a friendly airfield or aircraft carrier. The challenges are endless, and the camaraderie makes the game.


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