Personnel of the 76th Station Complement get a little training on the use of the status board by actress Kim Hunter. Pictured are Hugh Stevenson, Tim O'Connor, Lt. Alan Rutenberg, Weusman (?), and John Rumisek upper right.

According to John Rumisek Kim's visit caused quite a stir:

"....Alan Rutenberg, a Station 174 Control Tower Watch Officer, himself a pre-WW2 aspiring actor, arranged Ms. Hunter's visit to Sudbury. She and Rutey were Hollywood friends.  I don't remember whether "A Streetcar Named Desire" appeared before or after WW2. I assume she was in England under USO auspices. The Control Tower was an attrction, a good Photo Op and Rutey was delighted to bring her around. I didn't smoke at the time so I redeemed my accumulated credits and gave her a couple of cartons, brand unremembered.

The bigger issue was sleeping accommodations. Our Red Cross Girls stepped in to handle that situation."

(486th collection 8th AF Museum via David Brown)

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