Enlisted Specialisties

The insignia depicted below were worn on the sleeve cuff of the class "A" uniform, by those enlisted men trained in the corresponding field.

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Armament Specialist: Nine occupational fields including: Aerial torpedo mechanic, antiaircraft machine gunner, and bombsight mechanic.
Engineering Specialist: Thirty three occupational fields including: Airplane inspector, crew chief, line chief, flight chief, mechanical specialist, depot engineer chief, parachute shop chief, parachute rigger and repairman, glider mechanic and welder.
Photography Specialist: Nine occupational fields including: Camera technician, photographic chief, photographic interpreter, photographic lab chief, and motion picture camerman.
Communications Specialist: Twenty two occupational fields including: Radio Operator, control tower operator, communications chief, cryptographer, radio mechanic, radio observers, telephone & telegraph lineman, and wire chief.
Weather Specialist: Six occupational fields including: Weather cryptographer, forecaster, observer, station chief, and radio sonde operator.

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