The 486th strikes the Marx Airfield near Wilhelmshaven, Germany, March 21st, 1945.

The following units occupied Marx Field, until captured by the Allies.

1940: KGr. (Kampf Gruppe) 126 (aircraft:  He-111, launched mines on  british coast), KG 30 (Ju-88 A) and some Bf-109 of the JG 2 (Jagdgeschwader 2, "Richthofen").

1941-1942: no activity because Luftwaffe Geschwader were stationed in occupied countrys; airfield was expanded to at least three runways

1943: JG 11 with Bf-109G

1944: KG 54 (Ju-88A) "Operation Steinbock" from January 1944 till June 1944,  missions against London and other towns, high losses.

1944 NJG (Nachtjagdgeschwader) 3 and 2 (Ju-88G) -Night fighter units-

1945: KG 76. This unit was equiped with the worlds first jet-engined bomber: Arado 234 "Blitz". This may have been  the reason to attack this airfield on Wednesday, 21 March 1945. Other jet fighter airbases near Marx were attacked the same day: Zwischenahn and Wittmundhafen (both Me-163 airfields.)

Information provided courtesy of Lars Kokot, Germany.

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