Electronic Newsletter for August, 2001.


The reunion is drawing near, and the registration letters should arrived in your mailbox by now. If you're member and haven't received yours, let me know. The deadline for registration is 15 Sept.

Request for Information:

This month I have requests for information regarding the 9th AS at Grenier Field, in NH. The field is being cleaned up, and they would like to know what type of ordnance was dropped and stored there. The National Park Service is also trying to put together the history of the airfield. Any information will be appreciated.

I also have a request for information regarding the Rapp's crew forced landing in Belgium.


GUNNER - David Nijboer: This book is a photographic essay of gunner positions in WWII aircraft. From TBM's to B17's this book shows the gunner positions and describes the action. I've not read it, but it looks interesting.

Castles in the Air - Martin Bowman: Martin has written extensively on WWII aviation and related topics. This book is about the heavy bombers flown by the USAAF during WWII. Another one to add to my wish list.

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