Electronic Newsletter for October, 2001.


There isn't much news this month, since I've been up to my eyes in a multitude of projects. Consequently, this will be a short note.

1) The reunion is fast approaching. Check the association page for information and deadlines:

Bob Harper and I are hoping to conduct interviews with veterans at the next reunion. These interviews will be recorded for posterity. I will put a sample questionnaire on the association page in the next day or two. If you are not interesting in recording your interview, you are welcome to complete the questionnaire to be included in our archives.

Interviews will be conducted by Bob Harper, Robin Douglas, and myself. A timeline has not been yet established, but the first interviews will probably be scheduled for Thursday evening, and throughout Friday. We'll have to wing it for Saturday.

Depending upon the response, more interviewers may be needed, so if you're interested in helping out, please let me know.

2) Most of you know about the website www.heavybombers.com Scott Burris has built an outstanding resource for anyone researching the various heavy and very heavy bomb groups. His site is one of my principle sources of information, and agency addresses. Scott is an associate member of the 381st Bomb Group (H), but does not receive support from that group for maintaining the website. He has an arrangement with Amazon.com that provides him some money when people order books through his website. He has also set up his Amazon account to allow interested parties to donate a little extra cash to help him defray the costs of his website. Next time you're interested in purchasing a book from Amazon.com go to www.heavybombers.com and go through Scott's webpage. You do not have to donate any money, but a percentage of your purchase will go to Scott. If you do donate, and can send a note with that donation, let him know its from a member of the 486th. I haven't yet purchased a book through his site, but I have sent him a donation directly. I'd hate to see this site go down. He's done a great job, and has helped many people with their research.


Speaking of books, Stephen Ambrose (a fellow Wisconsinite) has just published a book called The Wild Blue: The men and boys who flew the B24s over Germany This book is about the Liberator crews of the 15th Air Force, with a focus on the crew of former presidential candidate George McGovern.

Other news:

I often times demonstrate a lack of foresight, and wind up wishing I was more thoughtful. Regrettably, I don't have many of my past e-newsletters, but I will start posting them (current and past) on the Association webpage. In this manner you can visit the webpage, and I'll stop sending these large missives to your mail boxes.

I am also running out of ideas (and time) to generate articles for these letters, and now I invite everyone to submit an article for publication in this medium. This invitation is offered to Vets and associate members alike. Even if you're not an association member, I'll extend this offer to you. In general, these articles should have some relationship to the 486th, or the air war over Europe. I am not too worried about length at this moment. Some ideas:

Vets are encouraged to write something about the job they performed, whether on a flight crew, or ground crew. Write about your favorite aspect of the Air War, whether it be about "the other guys," RAF or stories you heard while sitting on your dad's knee.

Not all of us are writers (me included), but if you would like help writing an article, I can get you that help.

The latest news on the Delta, PA, "Military Heritage Festival," is the family of Ralph Covert (tail gunner) will be flying to Virginia to drive him to Delta, PA, to attend the festivities. Ken Dolan (pilot) will be chauffeured by a member of the "John S. Murphy" VFW post in Delta. I have penciled myself in for a trip to take part. The date for this is October 13th.

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